Cook Yourself Happy is firmly embedded in the Danish concept of 'hygge' or 'cosiness' - the recipes and ingredients that Caroline uses are drawn from classic Danish origins and influences, and are designed to improve your quality of life and sense of wellbeing.


The Danish 'hygge' is be emphasised throughout, reflected in Caroline's personal and nurturing approach to life and cooking, and her desire to share her food with family and friends. A wealth of recipes covers every meal and occasion - whether a light lunch of Warm Smoked Salmon with Pickled Cucumber, the heartier national dish of Stegt Flaesk (fried pork belly) or Pheasant Ragout, a delightful dessert of Baked Apples with Marzipan and Raisins, the most traditional of Danish pastries, or a wonderful Hot Chocolate with Orange Syrup, Cook Yourself Happy is filled with enriching food that your friends and family will adore.


Food, family and Denmark are Caroline's first loves, and this will be echoed in the book with photographs of Caroline cooking at home, interspersed with gorgeous photographs of her family home in Denmark. Drawing on traditional age-old family recipes, this beautifully illustrated cookbook will boost your sense of wellbeing both inside and out.

Cook Yourself Happy the Danish Way

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  • Caroline Fleming has earned a reputation as a lifestyle guru. A former model, she has hosted Denmark's Next Top Model and The Baroness Moves In, and is currently one of the stars of the reality TV show Ladies of London,. The third series in which Caroline has a main role, will air later this year and will be shown in 22 countries including the UK and the USA, its main market. A passionate cook, Caroline's role in the series is very much the home-maker in the kitchen. Caroline has already published three best-selling cookery books in Denmark, has developed a range of hosiery and will launch her own brand of kitchenware and homeware in spring 2017. She has a large Instagram following (120k followers) and frequently posts about her food and lifestyle.