The Black Ceramic Eclipse Medium Bowl is part of a tableware collection designed by Laima Grigone.   This bowl is multifunctional - it could be used to serve muesli and fruit in the morning and noodles at lunchtime and in the evening freshly cut seasonal fruit and  even ice-cream

This collection is made using the Terra Sigillata technique that was developed in ancient Rome.  Designed and sustainably handmade by a team of artisans utilising Latvian red clay, these items have been glazed and tempered to 1000 C, with a lead-free glaze on the inside. Characterized by clean, smooth lines and a deep black colour, the Eclipse range creates a stunning table setting either by itself or paired with tableware of other colours and shapes.


Handmade in Vaidava’s studio in Latvia.


Packed in a recycled cardboard box.

Medium Bowl

  • 100% Latvian Red Clay;

    Lead-free glaze