The beautiful golden colour of this brewed tea, together with its distinctive nutty taste, make Jerusalem Artichoke Flower Tea (TOPINAMBŪRU ZIEDU TĒJA) truly memorable. Northern Europeans have long since recognised the benefits of drinking caffeine free herbal tea made purely from wild herbs which have been carefully dried using natural means.  Aside from the unique and pure taste, the health benefits have been treasured for generations. Aside from its unique characteristics, Jerusalem Artichoke Flowers may help lower blood sugar levels and act as a dietary agent.  Product weight 30 grams.  Please read our disclaimer regarding the health properties of this tea before purchasing. This naturally gathered tea is very concentrated and may be brewed up to three times.

Organic Jerusalem Artichoke Tea

SKU: PLKT-topin
  • 100% dried Jerusalem Artichoke Flowers (100% Helianthus tuberosus)