Northern Europeans have long since recognised the benefits of drinking caffeine free herbal tea made purely from wild herbs which have been carefully dried using natural means.  Aside from the unique and pure taste, the health benefits have been treasured for generations.


The Linden (LIEPZIEDU) plant produces honey-like blossoms once a year in June for an average of seven days, making this tea especially precious.  The flowers contain essential oils, carotene and Vitamin C and are known for their varied  properites some of which possibly may be antiseptic, sedative, analgesic, diuretic, expectorant and anit-inflammatory.


Product weight 25 grams. 


Please read our disclaimer regarding the health properties of this tea before purchasing.


This naturally gathered tea is very concentrated and may be brewed up to three times.


Organic Linden Flower Tea

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  • Dried Linden flowers (100% Tilia vulgaris)