Red Clover's (SARKANAIS ĀBOLIŅŠ) properties are truly diverse and wonderful.  Believed to act like estrogen, it may be perceived as a wonder herb for females, counteracting pre-menstrual, menopausal and mastalgia symptoms.  It is also believed to counteract high temperatures, aid with respiratory distress and lower cholesterol. We also love Red Clover for it's honey like flavours.  This caffeine free loose leaf herbal tea has been made purely from wild herbs which have been carefully dried using natural means. Product weight 30 grams. Please read our disclaimer regarding the health properties of this tea before purchasing. This naturally gathered tea is very concentrated and may be brewed up to three times.

Organic Red Clover Tea

SKU: PLKT-sarkan
  • Dried Red Clover flowers (100% Trifolium pratense)