Richly fragrant with a vivid lasting taste, this Wild Raspberry Leaf tea (MEŽA AVEŅU TĒJA) will transport you to a Nordic Forest!  The leaves and shoots for this tea are gathered by hand in early summer, during the flowering period.  This tea is made in the Nordic tradition, where wild herbs  are gathered by hand, carefully dried by natural means and made into an entirely natrual, caffeine free herbal tea.   


The shoots and leaves of this tea are known for their cleansing, temperature lowering, anti-inflammatory, metabolism improving and immune stimulating properties. 


Product weight 25 grams. 


Please read our disclaimer regarding the health properties of this tea before purchasing.


This naturally gathered tea is very concentrated and may be brewed up to three times.


Organic Wild Raspberry Leaf Tea

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  • Dried Wild Raspberry Leaves (100% Rubus idaeus)