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We fuse Nordic and Scandinavian design with Baltic traditions and functionality.  We carefully source our distinct and timeless products from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia to give your home a unique and relaxed feel.

From  our Haus to your  Home


Authentic Designs

Bringing you the best we can find from our home to yours.  Our selection of original designs are bound to make you nostalgic, especially the collection of Latvian Jewellery including the traditional NAMEJS ring. 

Nordhaus Septindienu Ring
PLUKT peppermint tea

PLUKT TEA - A Family's Story

Bringing you the stories that inspire us, the ideas that capture our imagination, and the heritage that needs to be celebrated in every way. 

Brands & Designers

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Vaidava Ceramics
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About Us

Our aim at Nord Haus is to bring a touch of Northern Europe flair to your home.  We are driven by the passion of our homeland, heritage along with timeless elegance and style.​

Nord Haus fuses Nordic and Scandinavian design and accessories with Baltic design and traditions.  Faced with long winters, the Scandinavians and Northern Europeans are ardent followers of ‘hygge’, the art of creating an environment of comfort, timeless elegance, pleasure and tranquillity in their homes.​

We carefully source our products from Northern European artisans who share our passion and respect for the environment.  Our distinct and elegant products will give your home a unique and distinct relaxed feel. 

We hope you enjoy our affordably priced, unique timeless products, from our Haus to Your Home.

Nordhaus Slippers