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Wholesale Buyers

Thank you for your interest in stocking our products in your store.


We're excited by the opportunity to partner with stockists that share a passion for unique Baltic and Scandinavian homewares and accessories.

We currently have three wholesale purchasing options:

1) TradeSquare

You are invited to purchase Nord Haus and Plūkt Tea wholesale products now available on TradeSquare.  

Sign up and get $100 off your first purchase plus free shipping for 12 months. 

Click for Nord Haus and Plūkt Tea.


Sign up for free.


* Exclusive to first order on TradeSquare.  T&Cs apply. 

2) Trada

Check out our Nord Haus and Plūkt Tea offerings at Trada.

3) Directly from us

Write to us at to place your order or to receive our pricelist.

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