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PLUKT TEA - A Family's Story

Mara Lieplapa and Liga Lieplapa, PLUKT Tea unders, EU Certified Organic Tea, Natural Herbal Tea
Mara (left) and Liga (right) Lieplapa

Introducing Mara and Liga Lieplapa, the Mother Daughter team that is Latvia's PLUKT Tea. Driven by their passion for nature, these women have capitalised on their formidable educational qualifications to develop a premium tea company.

The word 'Lieplapa' in Latvian means a Linden leaf. With such a name, it seems only natural that the Lieplapa family was drawn to nature and to tea production, after all, Linden Flower Tea is a quintessential drink in the Nordic Countries.

Liga has drawn on her education and 20+ years working as an environmental scientist (including obtaining a PhD in environmental impact methodology from Riga's Technical University), as well as her experience in Asian tea markets, to develop a detailed process to making the best possible tea. Starting with the most remote Nordic meadows and forests, detailed notes are then kept as to the location and flowering cycle of each herb to ensure they are picked (or plucked!) at the optimal time to ensure the highest concentration of their essences, flavours and oils. These meticulous notes are then analysed to further understand changing plant cycles and growing patterns.

The scrupulous research undertaken by Liga and the Plukt team determines whether the herbs are left in whole leaf form (ie Peppermint (pictured left) and Wild Strawberry Leaf), whole flower (ie Linden Flower (pictured centre), Yarrow, Red Clover, Jerusalem Artichoke and Cowslip) or cut into 3cm pieces (Wild Raspberry, Oregano (pictured right) and Lady's Mantle).

Mara's business acumen and commercial experience has earned the respect of environmentalists, business people and tea drinkers both in Europe and also internationally. Plukt's numerous business and entrepreneurial awards are testament to the work Mara has done to take a carefully researched and high quality product to the commercial market.

Also embodying Liga and Mara's passion for pure herbal tea is the company name 'Plukt'. In English we say 'plucked' and in Latvian the 'u' is emphasised to 'pluukt'. Both languages mean the same thing, to pick, or pluck! A perfect name for a natural tea company which uses only carefully handpicked herbs as per Liga's carefully planned picking calendar. Using only sun and wind energy to dry the herbs, together with their EU Organic certification, this truly is a pure and natural product.

Nord Haus is proud to be Plukt Tea's Australian distributor. These fabulous teas are available online and also from selected retailers.

From Plukt's own knowledge base, discover the perfect way to brew loose tea or prepare a delicous iced tea.

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