Blue and white double thickness cotton face mask (200g/m2).  The inside layer is a light colour and the outside layer is patterned with white coloured tradtional Latvian symbols.

The mask is 7 x 19cm in size.

The mask is secured behind your ears with elastic (the length of the elastic is 20-22cm).

The mask is comfortable and washable.

Before initial use it is suggested to heat the through mask the with a hot iron. 


Before wearing the mask each time wash your hands and or disinfect them. 

Do not touch your face or mask when you have put on the mask. 

Upon removing the mask immediately wash /disinfect your hands.

The mask after use should be washed at 60 °C . 


These masks are not medical-grade or substitutes for medical masks and are not intended to prevent or treat any disease or illness. They are meant to discourage touching your face, and let others know you are trying to exercise social distancing. These masks do not replace the need to keep the current social distancing measures in place!

Please be safe, keep 1.5m away from others, and continue practicing regular hand washing to avoid the spread!



Latvian Patterned Blue Face Mask

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