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The Perfect Cookie

We all love a good cookie and sometimes some turn out prettier than others. Who better to give advice than the creator of our beautiful cookie cutters? Here she shares her favourite cookie recipe!


1 egg lightly beaten

1 pinch of salt

1 small splash of vanilla extract

100 grams sugar

150 grams butter melted and cooled

300-350 grams plain flour


Combine the egg, salt, sugar and vanilla and then add the cooled butter. Mix until the ingredients are combined. Gradually add the flour and continue mixing until the dough is evenly combined with a consistency similar to playdough.

Wrap the dough in plastic and place in the fridge to rest for at least two hours (don't be afraid to leave it longer!).

Once cooled, roll the dough until it is 2-3 mm thick

Coat your chosen cookie cutters with flour and start cutting and shaping.

Helpful Hints

Try different flavourings, cardamom, lemon rind, orange rind would all work in place of vanilla.

Make sure the dough is cool, if it's too warm it will get stuck in the cutters. If this happens, place the dough back in the fridge to cool. If the dough is too wet it will also get stuck in the cutters. If this happens, simply scatter more flour over the dough. A light coating of oil on the cookie cutter will also help. Remember too, if the dough is too thin, the intricate design will be lost. Too thick and the dough will stick to the cutter. Patience and persistence will be rewarded.

Looking for a healthier alternative? Try these Swedish rye cookies

Your cookie cutter can also double as a fondant cutter. Try decorating a plain cookie with a beautifully formed and coloured fondant topping.

Your Creations

We love seeing your creations, don't forget to tag us in your photos @nordhausshop. Here are some of the delicious cookies our customers have baked

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