Handmade from lambswool, these slippers keep your feet snug at all times.  The natural fibres, plus the little peek-hole make sure your feet can still breathe.  Featuring a special insole with arch support , they truly do make you feel like you are walking on clouds!


These slippers feature a durable outsole made of PU coated microfiber. This guarantees them a longer life and you can even pop outside in them! The slippers also come in a cotton cloth bag that keeps even the wildest pair of shoes in place (and as a bonus is more environmentally friendly than a cardboard box).


Handmade in Estonia.




    • Pilling on the slippers can be removed with a fabric shaver or a simple razor.
    • Can be washed by hand or in the washing machine (30 degrees celcius on the wool cycle and place the slippers inside their slipper bag for protection).
    • Use a mild detergent designed for wool.
    • Air dry, avoid excessive heat (ie dryer, radiator, underfloor heating, etc.).
    • Squeeze excess moisture out of the slippers and then shape them before leaving them to dry.
    • Due to the thick felt of the slippers, it may take a few days to dry completely.
    • Please note that washing can affect the appearance of leather labels.