Long ago in 1918 a small traditional bakery was built in the inner city suburb of Waterloo, Sydney.  This was well before the tower blocks, the ice addicts, the trendy new aprtments and the fashionable restaurants in Danks Street.


The last owners of Elma Bakery were a Latvian migrant family who baked primarily rye bread (black and sweet-and-sour) from old Latvian and Estonian sourdough recipes.  The bread was highly prized and sent all over Australia and the recipes were a closely guarded secret.


This book explores what the secret of the actual bread was.  Was it just the recipe or did the milieu of Waterloo and its history contribute, or was it the Latvian background of the bakers?


This is a book (with many photos) for anyone interested in old trades such as traditional bread making and baking sourdough.  It's also for the many new residents of Waterloo to gain an insight into its interesting history, from convicts to Bubonic plague to green bans (which lengthened the life of the bakery).  It's also for Australians in general to learn how migrants enriched their nation.


It's a book for anyone who wants to hear the Waterloo baker finally reveal his secrets.



Secrets of a Waterloo Baker - a book by Inara Strungs

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  • Ināra Strungs is a Latvian Australian who writes contemporary fiction and nonfiction.   She has qualifications in medicine and pathology, and a BA (with a major in German and honours in English).  She works as a pathologist and lives in Brisbane with her partner and teenage daughter.

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